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Single income loans can be a minefield - but don't give up hope, we specialise in finding you what you need!
single income loans

Is it possible to get a home loan on a single income? Absolutely yes!  Many young professionals, sole parents or families with mum on maternity leave manage to make ends meet with one pay packet. With the right single income loans in place, these families can also take a step forward into the world of property, or vehicle ownership.

Buying a home on a single income can feel like an impossible dream – especially when your usual bank says no. Luckily there are loan options available and ways to help you save for your deposit. If you shop around a little, it may just be easier than you think to achieve that home ownership, car ownership or family holiday dream!  Applying unsuccessfully for the wrong single income loans can do permanent damage to your credit rating, it always pays to work with a qualified, caring finance broker – here’s why.


A traditional bank vs. finance [...]
Motorbike Finance Brisbane

Looking for the motorbike of your dreams? The last thing you need right now is to hit a roadblock with getting motorbike finance. If you’re getting the run-around with endless questions, paperwork and delays, it’s time to take it up a gear and talk to us at Turbo Finance.  Get the expertise in motorbike finance Brisbane trusts. Here are our top tips for choosing the right motorcyle and the right finance options before hitting those Brisbane roads!


Motorbike licences in Brisbane

Get things off on the right foot by ensuring your motorcycle licence is valid. A motorcycle’s classified as a vehicle so you must obtain a licence to ride a motorbike in Queensland. Licences fall into two categories:

  • RE Licences, and
  • R licenses

If you’re the holder of an RE licence, you can only ride a learner-approved motorbike. That means you’re limited to bikes with a lower engine capacity and power-to-weight ratio. [...]

Fast loans

This promotion has now finished.  We can still help with fast, easy loan options no matter what your circumstance:

Need to grow your business?

Single income?  Low income?  Self-Employed or part time working?

Need a new car stat but not sure about the new car loan?

Dreaming of a big holiday or a perfect wedding day?

Stuck in a loan that’s draining your emotions as much as your bank account?

We help fit loans to all credit shapes and sizes!  Even refinancing a bad loan you committed to in the past.  You’ll have your own personal loans adviser on hand to help with everything from the paperwork to the loan approval.



Feeling the Christmas pinch already? You aren’t the only one!

Christmas stretches the budget thin, it causes additional stress on families and the excess costs associated with this time of year don’t tend to go away immediately. New Year is only the [...]


Get a pre-approved loan and know exactly what you can spend!
Pre-approved loan

If you’re not sure how much money a bank or financial institution will allow you to borrow, it’s incredibly hard to make a decision on your new home, car or business purchases. It can mean the difference between landing the house of your dreams and missing out to someone with better purchasing power.  This is where a pre-approved loan becomes your secret weapon. The pre-approved loan is somewhat of a confidence booster when it comes to shopping for big ticket items. But before you get too excited, make sure you do your homework to see if a pre-approved loan suits you and your situation.  So how do pre-approved loans work exactly?


How do pre-approved loans work?

With a pre-approved loan you are ‘pre-approved’ for a certain type of loan (car loan, personal loan, home loan) and for a certain dollar amount, based on your application and credit history. This means you can bid at [...]


Turbo Powered Fast Car Finance Brisbane
car finance brisbane

There’s nothing quite like the excitement you feel when you spend all day dreaming about buying a new car. You’ve got your heart set on a model and researched the perfect colour. Now all you need to do is organise your car finance and you’re set. Right? Wrong!  Fast car finance isn’t always the best car finance.  When looking for car finance in Brisbane, be smart and learn from the mistakes of others. Here are 5 traps to avoid when applying for a car loan.  We specialise in the best deals on fast car finance Brisbane.

car finance brisbane

1. Forgetting to get your finances in order

We all know how important it is to save and have a budget in order, but what you may not realise is that any financial provider is going to look [...]


Pricing your wedding? Here's help when your wedding budget doesn't cover the dream!

The question “how much does a wedding cost?” is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?” Even if you’ve set a realistic budget and made careful plans for your big day, it’s likely you’ll get a few financial surprises along the way!  Ask anyone who has planned a wedding and you will hear countless stories of overlooked expenses! Last minute replacement shoes? An unexpectedly large bar tab? Transport for visiting relatives?  Even the most organised people may find themselves facing an end total that is a much higher than they first imagined.  So how much does a wedding cost in Brisbane?  How do you prepare for the additional expenses you can’t foresee?  What do you do if your wedding bill exceeds your budget? Read our tips and find out how to deal with unexpected expenses, without letting them ruin your big day!

safe diving tips

Think you’re a safe driver? STOP right there! There are a few things you STILL need to know.

Sure, you’re fully aware of the common safe driving tips that are publicised every day, but what about the ones that don’t get their own ad campaign? You will be surprised how these tips will increase your awareness and safety on the road.


Tips for being safer on the road

We all agree that road safety is important, but it’s easy to get relaxed if you’ve been driving for several years and forget to brush up on the latest tips and tricks. If you’re newer to driving, consider including the following safe driving suggestions into your standard driving practice before bad habits set in!

safe diving tips

Some experts suggest you should have your headlights turned on every [...]

Maintain your credit score

Think of your credit score as the boot camp instructor from hell. It follows you around like a shadow, making a note of all your poor financial decisions. If you’re leaving a trail of defaults, they’ll come back to bite you.  You can’t outrun a bad credit score, but you can take steps to avoid getting one in the first place. Don’t want to have to crawl over the obstacles thrown in your way by a bad credit history?  So we’ve prepared some useful information on how to maintain your credit score.  Here are some of the best ways to whip it into shape…without the kale, lycra and 6 am star jumps in the park.


Pay on time or better still, early

Your credit score can be affected by whether you pay your bills and finance repayments on time. If you’re constantly making really late payments or you’ve thrown in the towel and stopped [...]


What's the difference between banks and financial institutions? The answer could save you big time!
Difference between banks and financial institutions

It’s easy to take the well-travelled road when it comes to applying for a loan and turn to a familiar bank. But sometimes that choice means you actually sell yourself short when it comes to the range of financial products on offer from non-bank lenders and financial institutions.  Banks Vs Financial Institutions: here’s what you need to know about the difference between banks and financial institutions – and how to cash in on them.


Who’s who in the zoo when it comes to borrowing money

The banks that hold the lion’s share of the market in Australia are known as ‘the big four’:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
  • Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac)
  • National Australia Bank (NAB), and
  • Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)

However, on the periphery, there are a lot of other smaller banks and financial institutions vying for market share.

Difference between banks and [...]</p>
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Getting it right the first time means faster, easier loans... and less paperwork!
Preparing loan application

If you’ve ever applied for a loan before, you’ll probably remember the hoops you had to jump through to get approval. Remember the piles of documents you had to find and copy?  The intrusive questions they asked? The tic-toc of the clock as you raced to secure approval?  Preparing a loan application’s not a walk in the park, but there are a few ways you can make the process a whole lot smoother.  Here are our top tips for taking the stress out of preparing a loan application.

Preparing loan application


Be realistic

You might not like it, but your first step along the path to preparing a successful loan application is to take a reality check.  If you were a lender, what would you decide if you were on the receiving end of a loan application [...]

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