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A Match Made In Heaven – What To Expect From Your Car Finance Broker

What happens when purchasing a new car feels almost impossible? Your trusty car finance broker to the rescue!

Love at first sign

You’re drowning in a sea of buzz words, promises and flashy business cards. You’ve seen lenders with deals that sound too good to be true (because they probably are), and you’re overwhelmed by interest rates that don’t make sense. Shiny suits and sharp teeth as far as the eye can see? It seems all hope is lost, until…
You see them – confident, capable and oh-so-competent. Your eyes meet. Your heart lifts. Your trusty car finance broker has arrived to help make sense of the chaos.


What does a car finance broker DO?

Car finance broker = what do they do?

The role of a car finance broker is to sail in, fight off the sharks and make sure you’re nice and secure in a puncture-proof life raft. Their goal is to make sure you find the BEST deal that will actually benefit YOU – not some money-hungry lender.
They sort the wheat from the chaff to ensure that the way you finance your car is not only affordable but that it puts you in a position of strength. They make sure you don’t apply for loans willy-nilly (which could have a negative impact on your credit rating) and they walk you through a complex process without being condescending.
They’re the hero you need and the hero you deserve.

What should you expect from a car finance broker?

Here’s what you should expect when you’re dealing with a professional, legitimate car finance broker:
• Expect that they’re licensed. Check MoneySmart to see if they have an Australian Credit Licence or if they’re a member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia.
• Expect that they’re honest. Choosing a car finance broker from a reputable firm like Turbo Finance means that you’re dealing with an industry professional backed by decades of on-the-ground experience. Ask them the hard questions and see what they come back with. If it feels wrong – it probably is!
• Expect them to work for YOU. Car finance brokers should shop around, present you with a wide range of packages and patiently guide you through your options. If you feel brushed off or unimportant – walk away. Wait for your hero.
Is the car of your dreams already waiting for you at Turbo Finance? Be still our beating hearts!

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