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Finance Broker Brisbane – Do I Actually NEED One?

(And Other ‘Adulting’ Questions You’ve Always Been Too Afraid To Ask)

Do you need to negotiate finance but just seem to be nodding and smiling, pretending you know what’s going on? Here’s your cheat sheet to help you avoid choosing the wrong finance broker in Brisbane.

What even IS a finance broker?!

Long story short – they’re an intermediary who can help you negotiate the kind of lending or credit package that will work best for you. They’ll present a number of packages that you can look through and help you find the right option for your needs.  A finance broker can help you with all kinds of loans, from an unsecured personal loan, to car loans and business loans. They’ll help you sift through all the stuff banks send and pick the loan that works best for you.

What do finance brokers actually do?

What is a finance broker and do I need one?

A good finance broker will offer very personalised service to make you feel completely at ease with the financial commitment you’re about to make. They don’t work for any particular bank, so should always have YOUR best interests at heart.
Like any industry, however, there are some cowboys out there! Make sure you’re selective.
Many finance brokers in Brisbane and beyond will look out for themselves instead. They’re going to try to pressure you into finance that will give them the best commission rather than give YOU the best outcome.

That’s… a little terrifying. How do I know I’m making the right choice?

Turbo Finance combines a long history of quality service with REAL connections with a huge range of lenders. That’s then mixed with a genuine desire to do the right thing by YOU. This is a boutique, bespoke service tailored to be the right fit for people like you who are overwhelmed by the options.

Hints and tips for choosing the right finance broker in Brisbane

• Are they licensed? Check here.
• Ask questions. A pro will welcome your concerns and help you be part of the process. A cowboy will deflect and try to distract you.
• Be clear about what you want. Ask people you know about the kinds of packages they’ve used to see if they’ve got any conditions you’d like.
• Get it in writing! Turbo Finance guarantee clear communication. When people are throwing around lots of big words and figures it can get confusing. Make sure you’re on top of the conversation.
A reputable finance broker makes your Brisbane investment easier, by giving you choices and cutting through red tape.

Now that you’ve got a bit more of an idea about what to look for in a finance broker in Brisbane, why not investigate personal loan options through Turbo Finance? Unsecured? Need quick approval? No problem!

Locked in a bad loan?  You can also refinance your current loan to a better deal.  Learn more here.

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