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Meet Your New Car Loan Broker

Meet Michele Cherry, Principal Finance Broker, Turbo Finance

Have you ever wondered how or why your car loan broker got into the industry? Have they always been a broker? Or do they bring a lifetime of diverse experiences to their current role? Now is your chance to find out.

Michele Cherry - Finance Broker Brisbane

The broker behind the brand

Meet Michele from Turbo Finance. She has a passion for cars that goes all the way back to childhood, over 40 years ago, when her Dad used to take her to work with him pumping fuel at Amoco service stations. She followed him everywhere, learning as much about customer service as vehicle servicing!
Her dream car? “My dream is to buy a 64, powder blue Mustang for my Dad. He would be so happy!” She was, and still is, Daddy’s girl.
So, this is one car loan broker who KNOWs cars, but Michele also has a wide range of hobbies and passions outside of her day job.

Have you always been a car loan broker?

Michele started in the motor industry in 1992 as an aftermarket consultant. She then moved to a vehicle warranty company, then on into insurance sales, in between several exciting trips to the UK and around the world. In 2002, she settled back in Brisbane, working for a northside brokerage … and loved it!
“Each day was different, every finance company had a different credit matrix to learn – and every finance application was different to the previous one. The skill in getting an application approved with the best lender was the enticement for me,” Michele says. There’s nothing better than truly loving your job!

So you enjoy a professional challenge, what do you for fun when you’re not at work?

Back before she broke into motoring, Michele had a part time job in a homewares store. There, she discovered her second love (after cars) – candles! “More recently, I had noticed how much money I was spending on buying candles … I decided to attend a candle making class. It was fantastic!” she tells us.
So, Michele now takes pleasure in making candles for herself, or as gifts for friends and family. You’ll even find a selection for sale if you drop by the Turbo Finance office. “The office always smells gorgeous!”

What about health and fitness? How do you fit that into your day?

As much as Michele loves her work, she did hit a point where she realized it was taking over her life. 15 hour days, 6 days a week is not good for anyone! She had always been into exercise, but a hip operation in 2008 meant she had to change tack. She gave Bikram yoga a try – and she’s never looked back.
“Since then, I have been a student of many styles of yoga, including Vinyasa, Yin and Aerial yoga. If you have the chance, get into a class of Aerial, it is super fun!!!”
Michele discovered that yoga was a wonderful release at pivotal life moments, or during big work projects. In fact, being the go-getter she is, she decided to complete yoga teacher training.
“I now teach classes outside business hours. I feel that it is a wonderful way to share the experience of silencing the mind through movement.”
Michele seems to have discovered the perfect work-life balance. She brings this calm determination into every brokerage deal she works on for her clients.

How is Turbo Finance different to larger finance brokers?

Now that Michele has her own credit licence and her own office (filled with beautiful smelling candles!) she prides herself on being able to look after clients “the way that they should be looked after.”
As a boutique car loan brokerage, with low overheads, the client can walk in and take a seat in front of their consultant who is an expert in their field. “My clients can look me in the eye and converse in a secure and safe environment,” Michele says. At Turbo Finance, the client is not treated as a number, but as an integral part of the business. That’s a customer service ethos that goes all the way back to the Amoco servos!
As your local car loan broker, Michele is an experienced professional – but she’s also just like you! She has hobbies, passions, and dreams… and she loves helping clients to achieve theirs!  Learn more about our team here.

Give Michele and the car loan broker team at Turbo Finance a call TODAY on 07 3879 4567 for loan information from a real person!


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