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See your ‘Once in a lifetime’ dreams come true

Don’t miss out on your big dream just because of your financial circumstances.

A holiday, a wedding, or IVF to start your family? It could take just one phone call to Turbo Finance to make your dream come true. We can help you choose from dozens of lenders offering options on personal loans especially designed for your financial situation. Get the right loan, with the right, 100% manageable interest rate – even if you’ve been turned down before. Our people genuinely care about your financial goals and your happiness.  We’re the specialists in personal loans Brisbane turns to for big dreams.

We believe everyone deserves the best possible personal loan deal, so we work for you, not the lenders.  Your personal loan could be approved in as little as 24 hours and you could be on the path to living your dreams… and to a better credit rating.  Brisbane’s go to for personal loans – Go Turbo.

Turbo Finance specialises in tailored personal loans*
(*conditions apply. T.A.P) 


tick   Casually or self-employed? No problem

tick   Want free, impartial advice? No problem

tick   Past financial mistakes? No problem

tick   Need to clean up your credit rating? No problem

tick   Want quick approval? No problem

tick   Unsecured personal loan? No problem

Casual employee?  Self-employed?

Chances are the bank has said no!  Don’t stress. There are plenty of lenders who could take a chance on you, and the good news we know them all!  Even if you’re after an unsecured loan, we have the right information to help you make that happen.  We believe in rewarding hard work – even if it’s casual!

Need someone on your side for once?

It can feel like it’s you against the banks!  We’re on your side. We work for you, not the lender so we can compare hundreds of options to find the right one for your needs.

Past mistakes dragging you down?

It’s time to leave the past in the past and get started on building a better financial future.  The right, manageable loan can heal your credit rating and get you back on financial track.  We take the time to find the right options for your situation.  That way, your loan application will work for you, not against.  It’s vital you choose the right fiance broker, and we believe in giving the right advice!

Need a fast loan?  We’re here for you in an emergency!

Life has a way of serving up the unexpected!  We can help you get your ducks in a row and streamline the paperwork so that your loan is approved fast.  In stressful times, you need someone on your side and we’re here to help.


A single phone call could change everything. Stop worrying about money and start planning to live your dream.

Start with a quick, obligation free application – don’t worry, we won’t act on it without talking to you first

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Call Turbo now on 07 3879 4567 for a 100% free, confidential consultation.

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