Refinancing a bad loan can make all the difference - to your financial future, and your back pocket!

Save thousands in interest and fast track your repayments


tick   Save hundreds or even thousands on your current loan

tick   Refinance to a smaller debt, lower interest and smaller repayments

tick   Get your finances back under control without giving up your car, bike or boat

tick   Casual employment? Self-employed? Past financial mistakes? No worries, we specialise in finance deals to suit your circumstances.

tick   Get your finances sorted faster than you thought with our dedicated service

How to Smash Your Debt, without Losing Your Car, Boat or Bike

Just because you had to settle on less-than-perfect finance, doesn’t mean you have to keep paying for it! As 100% independent vehicle finance brokers, Turbo Finance will act as your advocate. We’ll show you dozens of better finance deals and help you secure one that could save you thousands.

With just one phone call, you could save thousands of dollars, drastically reduce your payments and climb on top of your finances.

Lose the loan, not the car, bike or boat you love. One phone call could mean an end to your financial stress. Isn’t it worth a free, confidential consultation?

Why Turbo Does Refinancing Better

We believe that every loan you take should build you a positive credit history. We might get loans fast but we also take the long view, setting you up for a better financial future.  If you’re struggling with your repayments right now, you could be at risk of damaging your credit score.  Let us help you to reduce your loan repayments and build a better credit picture for future lenders.  We offer all advice and service 100% free to the applicant.

Refinancing Could Save Thousands in Repayments

If you’re paying a high interest loan, you will be shocked by how much money you could save by refinancing your loan to a better deal.  Those “last chance finance” deals can mean exorbitant interest rates and massive repayments over time.  Talk to us about saving REAL money on your current loan.  Even if you’re making repayments without issues, doesn’t it make sense to pay less?

Our Refinance Customers

Does this sound like you?  You took on an unfair loan – because there was nothing better on offer or because you didn’t fully understand the terms.  You made your repayments at first but they were tough to manage.  Maybe you hit a bump in the financial road which made repayments even more difficult.  You started worrying about money.  Maybe you have those stressful dreams about your finances.  You start falling behind on other payments.  You have done your very best to keep up to date with your current loan but it’s getting tougher all the time.

Sound familiar?  Guess what – that’s the same story we hear from most of our refinance customers.  You are not alone.  In fact, you’re in a pretty common situation.  Like all the customers that came before you, we can help you erase that stress and move to a loan that you can manage.  A loan that helps you pay off your debt without crippling your lifestyle.  A loan that suits your current financial status and wipes out bad financial decisions in the past.  That’s what we do, and that’s why Brisbane chooses to “Go Turbo” for a better financial future.

Fast Loans, Less Paperwork, More Support

Our promise to you is the best possible refinance loan, with the best possible advice with the least run around.  We’ll support you through the whole process, help you get your documentation in order and assist you with the application – to keep your paperwork commitment down and your loan approved faster.  Let us share our insights to make this whole solution simpler.  Remember, we work for you, not the lender, we’re here to help.  Refinancing your car loan, your personal loan or your business loan can be simple – when you “Go Turbo”.

Want to know how we can help?  Get started with this quick, simple application.  Don’t worry, we won’t secure you any loan offers… yet.  We’ll get your application, do some research and get in touch.  It only takes a minute and it could be the best minute you ever spend.

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