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Stop Making Financial Mistakes.

Our Smart Car Loans Can Heal Your Credit Rating.

Because Turbo Finance is devoted to finding you the RIGHT car loan, with manageable payments and a superior approval rate, you can get the car, and get your credit rating back on the right track.

Our Specialty Is The Right Car Loan – Even If Your Bank Said No 


tick   Quality cars available on site

tick   One stop for the right car and the right finance

tick   100% Impartial – We work for you, NOT the lender

tick   Motorbikes, boats and cars all available

tick   Tricky credit problems are our specialty

tick   Our hands on approach means not risking your credit rating

tick   Easy, fast approvals – avoid timely bank bureaucracy

tick   On a single, low income? We’re here to help.

If you’ve had financial problems in the past and are ready to move forward to a better financial future, talk to us. We’re here to get you approved for the right car loan, and get you back on the road to financial freedom

Quality cars need quality finance

With quality used cars for sale at our Moorooka office, we help you get your dream car and your dream car loan in one stop.  We believe that our customers deserve the right car, with the right car finance.  Stop shopping around with that nagging “I can’t afford it” feeling.  You’ll get all the support you need to make the right financial decision.

Compare car loans and select the best

Banks and other lenders offer you the best option from their loan selection.  We offer you the choice of hundreds of lenders, including specialist green and ethical loans, so you get only the best of the best to choose from.  We do it all right her in our Brisbane office so there’s zero running around.  We even help with the paperwork (because really, who likes paperwork!)

Car loans, bike loans…even boat loans

We don’t just assist with cars, we’re passionate lovers of bikes and boats too.  Our selection of lenders includes providers of bike and boat finance – so you can hit the road… or the water.

How we protect your credit rating

Even if you’ve had trouble in the past, it’s not too late to solidify your financial future.  We don’t just apply for all the loans and cross our fingers like some Brisbane finance brokers, we go to great lengths to find the right loan from the right lender.  The right lender for you.  Your credit history and personal circumstances may mean your bank said no – but we know exactly which lenders are likely to say yes.  By limiting the number of loans you apply for, we’ll protect your credit rating and your financial future.

Fast car loans

Whether you want a fast car or a cruisey classic, you want the answer on your car loan fast.  Turbo Finance streamlines the application process and helps you tick all the boxes that get you loan approved fast.

Centrelink loans, low doc loans, single income loans and low income loans

We pride ourselves on hunting down the best car loans in Brisbane. Just because you’ve been turned away, doesn’t mean you will never qualify for a loan.  We’ve secured manageable loans for Centrelink recipients, for single mums, self employees and for part time and young workers.  We don’t believe in putting your application in the too hard basket.  You’re doing the hard yards, and that should be rewarded.  Talk to us about lenders that believe in the Turbo “everyone deserves a go” philosophy because we may be able to solve your financial problems with a single call.

Get Started – it’s quick and easy

Take the first step towards a brighter financial future.  Complete our application form now and a finance broker here in Brisbane will be in touch shortly.

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